Sunday, November 05, 2006


Carol Streber said...

Good to hear from you! I hear about "The Mills" through emails from Connie, but everyone knows how rare & precious her notes are!
The weather in NM is great! We are having a beautiful fall.
Lynda & I just returned from east Texas. We went to visit one of Lynda's aunts that has terminal cancer. Her name is Betty McGinnes. Please add her and her family to your prayers.
While in TX, we had the experience of "Canton, TX"! How wild! I think the entire population of TX was there! However, we were still encourage to return!
The "McDrubers" (Lynda McGinnes, Dixie Drummond, & Carol Streber) are staying ever so busy! Lynda is busy with school board stuff, Dixie is still teaching for the college and I am having "weak" moments volunteering for all sorts of things!
We are so glad to hear Regan is doing better.
Love, Aunt Carol

Mills Family said...

Aunt Carol,

Canton TX is crazy. I have never seen anything like it excpet once I came close to it when I was in Spring , TX speaking at a Retreat and boy do those people love flea markets. Hopefully I will get to see you while I am in OK over Christmas. I will be there 22-26.