Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Resting in Christ

I was thinking yesterday how much my relationship for Brian teaches me about my relationship with Christ. MOST of the time I am at rest with Brian because he just loves me. I don't have to work for it, worry about it going away, be afraid of what this level of vulnerability might bring...I can rest in it...I can enjoy the peace that it bring. I was just praising God for giving me this relationship with Brian when I thought do I rest this way in Christ? Do I feel I am working to earn his love, am I afraid it might go away, am I worried about what this level of vulnerability brings? I am sad to admit that sometimes I am not at rest. Yet, Christ has called all of us to a rest in Him. He brought the Israelites into that rest in the Promise Land. They ate food they didn't plant, they lived in houses they didn't build, they one battles that the Lord I pray you have rest in Christ today.
Friday Brian, Regan and I are are going to be be interviewed by a secular station about why we love our hospital. They are raising support for the Children's Miracle Network which funds many programs and clinics at St John's. Please pray that our testimony will be strong ...that people will see how God has blessed us through St Johns. Praise to God not to Children's Miracle Network. Please pray people will hear HIS rest in our story.


Julie said...

I must have missed you on the radio by a matter of minutes! I lost track of time and didn't turn the radio on until 10:10ish, and listened the whole rest of the hour, and heard them mention your name, but missed the important part. The OT at Adams said she heard it, though. I hope it went well!

Aunt Linda & Uncle Don said...

Chanell, hope your radio interview went well! How did Regan's appointment on 11/10 go? Gail & kids are coming after school on Tues to spend Wed & Thanksgiving day with Don & I, then on to Creason's family on Friday. You know I talk to your Grandma Streber (Mom) often so I try to read your "blog" news to her to keep her updated on your family - we both love getting your news this way! Have a great holiday - hope to see ya'll soon! Love to all!

Mills Family said...

Aunt Linda,

Thanks for reading it to Grandma. You may have to call and read it to my mom. She still hasn't read it, she is so funny! I don't think she can get dad off his computer games long enough to check it. Happy Thanksgiving. Kiss all the babes for me (this includes Gail but leave Donnie out of it!)