Saturday, November 11, 2006

Toby-Mac Rocks!

Well the concert was great! Ryder loved seeing Toby-Mac in concert. Brian videoed Ryder singing or rather "rocking" along is so weird. When you can't understand the words but your kid knows each one you know he is really growing up. Just the other day he told me to turn to radio station because the song was to mature for Rylee and he didn't want to hear it. Come to find out it was "Get your sexy on" by Justin Timberlake. What happened to sweet NSync and "I want you back."
Ryder also made a 100% on his math homework on Friday after making an A on his Math test on Thursday. He said, "The incentive on losing all my books was appropriate motivation." Ryder is a straight A student except for math. So, I told him if he brought home another F or D on a paper he would have to hand over his books until we had a full week of A's and B's in math. It is good to see he and Brian having such a great time.

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