Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Never know what a day can bring

Well you just never know what one morning might bring. Many of you know that Regan has been struggling with diarrhea for several weeks. Yesterday Brian changed one "blow out" at 4:30am then Julie changed two more before Regan was out the door for school at 9:30am. So, I called Regan's nutritionist, Cybil, and she suggested some "Benafiber." Come to find out not only does fiber help with constipation but also with diarrhea. This morning Regan started crying at about 7:30 this was an unusually cry. I thought it might be kidney stones but when I looked at her stomach I knew it had to be something gastro. Regan's old GI specialist moved to Chicago so we are considered "New Patients" with the new guy so we could work a new patient in today. We were afraid that Regan might have to be admitted in to St Johns to get her leveled back out. This was upsetting considering we are leaving tomorrow for OK and KS for Christmas. So Cybil called Dr Rogers who is our surgeon in on the case. So with Dr Rogers, Cybil and Leona (Dr Rogers nurse) on the case I knew all would be fine. Her Colan is full of air and they think she is lactose intolerant. For three weeks she has been on 2 additional TBS of powdered milk in her feedings. This is what caused the diarrhea and now the bloating. She is now laying on the sofa crying in between happy sounds when the gas is passed. For the next couple of days she will be off her normal food and on pedilite.

On my way to Springfield I knew several of my friends here in Lincoln were praying for Regan. I saw God's hand so many times this morning.
  • The admissions lady at the hospital worked us in instead of making us wait because she hated to see Regan cry.
  • The girl who drew Regan's blood was kind and did it through a finger prick instead of arm draw.
  • In Cybil's love and compassion for our family and in her dedication to getting Regan taken care of.
  • In Dr Rogers' love her his patients that flows from his love for God. He is straight forward, kind and compassionate.
  • In Leona's attention to details..she walked over to a different department just to let me see the out come of Regan's labs and offered to help me to our van.
  • In Mr Horn (a man from our church) who happened to be at St John's and helped Regan and I get to the the van because I had a lot to carry.
  • In Jen's ( the receptionist at the Clinic) remembering details of our lives she makes it feel like home.
  • In Dr Gabriel's (Regan's orthopedist) ordering of a pelvis xray to sooth Brian's mind.
  • In Julie's (Regan's helper) ability to put her arm around me while I cry and feel no need to say anything. I admire her.
  • In Brian's love for Regan and I. It is amazing how text messaging can draw two people together.
I wore my bracelet today from my friend Stacy Woods. She is a friend from VVCC days. She gave it to me as a reminder of God's faithfulness. I was already in the van but came back int he house to slip in on. I thought I needed to "tie it around my wrist" today.
It says "LO I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS." Jesus... the Emmanuel... "God with Us." He was and is with us. He presence resounds through his people caring for his little one.

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Julie said...

Today was a strange prayer day...I've never prayed for farts before! Once again, Regan has taken me to a new place in my faith:)
Christa, Bridget, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Shattuck, Miss Minett and Tiffany were all concerned and waiting for Regan's update when I went back in the afternoon.
Vance and I both prayed for Regan and company all throughout the morning.
Our God is good.