Friday, March 30, 2007

The Image

Headline Update for the caring but busy:

Today was a rather boring, status-quo day until around 1pm. I moved Regan to her wheelchair for a posture that would support her back a little more than the bed she's been in all week. As I drank coffee & read next to her she had some difficulty w/ her oxygen levels. Within an hour, her system started to crash quickly. We put her back on the bed, increased her oxygen and began the external ventilation we were doing on Monday. She responded well and has settled down. But we have taken a few steps back today. We're praying that this non-invasive support will give her a chance to gain some strength so she can breathe on her own soon.

We'll probably be staying in Springfield for a few days until we know how she'll do.

Reflections for the Musers:

We received another load of cards today. The girl from the shop downstairs handed them to me w/ an inquisitve look in her eyes. As I watched them pan around the room, size me up & finally land on Regan I could tell she was trying to figure out what was so special to so many people.

Chantell, the kids & I know that look well. We see it in peoples' faces all the time. People tell us far too often that Regan is "special." Being the cynic I am, the word usually drips of sentimentality and sticks to me in an unpleasant, messy sort of way. (Sorry! It's my problem, not yours I'm sure.) I think the most special part of Regan is not really any different from you and is the basic image of God in her soul.

That image is powerful no matter where you see it. It is captivating, endearing and impressive. It is stimulating and catalytic. It is affirming and challenging. And it's in all of us. The problem is that our fallenness hides it, abuses it, perverts it and uses it for evil. What God has given us we usually think is ours for our own purposes. What makes Regan special is not the image itself, but that she's better than the rest of us at revealing it. Her Godliness is apparent in her perfect humble submission to his will. Her Christ-likeness is understood in the way she bears suffering. Her fellowship with the Holy Spirit is felt in her gracious fortitude as she depends on his strength rather than her own.

Please remember more than this sweet little girl...remember the powerful image of God revealed in her weak human vessel. And don't miss the lessons she teaches. You have the same responsibility & opportunity to redeem & reflect.


'becca said...

Regs, I missed you a kids club this week. I was out of town for spring break. It is really bumpy here. The mountains and sun sets are beautiful. My mom got me this ball toy and I want to get one for you. I am praying for you.

*The above message is what Elliott asked me to write to Regan. He continues to ask about her. Chas told me out of the blue yesterday that when he is in the car at home he prays. Our friend said he could pray in her car too and he said okay. He is praying for Regan as we drive around. My mommas heart is praying and thinking for R too. We love you

Julie said...

I'm glad you're willing to divulge those musings of your heart. You experience Regan in a unique way because of your role in her life, but this is all part of that stewardship of Regan's life and's not easy for me, at least, to know how to respond to suffering or to people who experience life differently than I. Perhaps the "cynic" in you is right in reminding us that there is something more powerful at work here than a little girl's body. I am humbled by that reminder...our God is big.
Still praying for peace and strength.

Mills Family said...

This is Chantell...writing from the waiting room. Brian is playing is music so I hate to get in the way of that. I was thinking about this image thing and thinking about what Henri Nouwen says in his book called "Adam", (I will add Regan's name instead).."Do you have the courage to see the image of God in the weakness of Regan." We often want to think of the image of God as being a something is more difficult to see it is something so weak.
Becca...tell Elliot and Chas we got thier message and Regs sends love their way.
Julie...Regan love you so much.

bus driving mawmaw said...

Regan -- We miss not seeing you when we pull the bus up to Adams. The other kids, Kayla, Clarissa, Addison, and the boys all want to know if Regan is there. You have touched them, too. Your strength is an insperation for all of us to live by and makes us all know life is given to us one day at a time and we should pull all the joy from each day that we can. God bless you and your family -- which he has already done by giving you to them.