Monday, March 12, 2007

Lights, Camera, Action!

Today a small crew (2 people) came to interview Brian, Regan and I for the Children's Miracle Network telethon. They came over and filmed for about a hour and a half. They will also accompany Regan to a couple doctor appointments so get some shots of her with some of her doctors. Regan did great. She was really awake for all of it and even sang a couple little songs. Pretty cool for everybody but Moby who had to stay in his crate in the van so we couldn't hear his yelping!
Regan had a seizure on Saturday and one today. So that is very good so far. We are enjoying the great weather here. And we all sing "Let the sunshine, Let the sunshine in, the Sun shine in!" Brian thinks it is cold because he was in 80 degrees all week in Vegas...poor guy! Ryder is taking ISAT's this week so he would appreciate the prayers. We did home church yesterday. Rylee lead the worship. She always does a great job. Ryder preached our sermon entitled "Will you?" He asked the provoking question will we drop our nets and go follow Jesus. He has also renamed the trinity the "trio" which is a very modern spin. And to all the grandma's no it was not on video.

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'becca said...

What fun a little movie star! So it is not CMN, but C did his hopathon for MDA this week. :) He hopped 200 times in 2 min. and is now hitting up my family in MO this weekend for their $2 a hop pledges. (MDA does the reasearch for MG, my sisters disease.)