Monday, March 19, 2007

...a life on hold!

So today is just one of those days were I have to keep on laughing in order not to lose my mind. My mama told me there would be days like these....I am sure your mama told you the same.

We do not have a land line which is great because I don't have to come home and find out who's call I missed or how many phone calls I have to return. I never want a land line again. I love my cell phone. Except when I have to make doctors or insurance calls. I have been either on hold or on the phone with an insurance company since noon and it is now 1:33p. That is a lot of minutes. I am not not done yet. As I type I am interrupted every few seconds with "Please hold for the next available operator." Even funnier is that I have been on hold for 15 minutes and they gave me an estimated time of only 1! I think their estimator needs a trip to the emergency room because something is wrong with it. When they go to the emergency room I hope it is in network or else they may find themselves on phone trying to get it all straightened out.

I also love this line just given to me by the billing company that I was dealing with before this phone call. I was on the phone with her for twenty minutes and she said at least five different times that this bill looked strange and that it didn't make sense that Regan's secondary insurance had not payed the the difference..BUT their was nothing she could do. NOTHING THAT YOU CAN DO! So, I said, "Well there is nothing that I can do either; if you get to use that as an excuse then I do to." She said, "No Mrs Mills you have to pay it." So I said, "Then we better figure out what you can do because I am not paying a bill that in your words 'looks strange and doesn't make sense.' So why don't you let me talk to someone who can do something." She put me on hold. Then she hung up on me. But at least as they electronic system was hanging up on me it said, "Good-bye and thank you for calling."

So I decided to write on the blog.....and say that I am thankful that God gives us people in our lives that will not...
Put you on hold
Tell you there is nothing they can do
Ask you if you could hold while they pick up the other line.
Ask you to please hold for the next available operator.

And even if your friends (me included) sometimes will God never does...

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