Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Seizure Free Day.

Well, today we had no seizures. Thank God! When I spoke the the neurologist yesterday he told me to up her evening dose of medicine. It helped but I am not sure how long this will last. For now it is good. She is happy and content. Julie is back with Regan in the morning. So, that will help. If she goes all night with no more seizures I will send her to school in the morning.
I took this picture this afternoon. My Dad's restaurant just got new T shirts so all four of us wore ours today. So we wanted dad to know we sported them with pride...Thanks!

Yesterday was a hard day...my girlfriends were working over time. Shelley's organizing meals, Mandy came for lunch, Marci came for tea, Shannon called several times to check, Jen brought dinner, and Tesha came and hung out from nine to midnight. I am truly blessed. Please contiune to pray for our strength. Thanks for all your emails and prayers. I can not express how much strength I feel from it.

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Julie said...

It's good to see those smiles!!