Saturday, March 31, 2007

Leading us to Prayer,,,

This is Chantell....

Regan has had a stable day today. She is currently laying in bed with her daddy standing over her saying, "Donut I'm so proud of you." Regan replied with a coo and a big smile from behind her bipap mask.

Ryder and Rylee are at a movie with Grandma Vera (Brian's mom) and Nana (my mom). We are really glad they are getting get out and having some fun. All of this is very hard of them and they needed a break. My dad and Brian's step dad Ray are watching basketball. Grandad (Brian's dad) and Granny (Brian's step mom) are MIA but we think they are having dinner somewhere.

Brian and I have just ordered Thai. It is pouring rain outside. Brian's not to happy about having to go pick up our food in it.

Today we moved to room 8 in the ICU. This room has a bathroom and shower in it. That helps a lot and it is closer to the family room. One of the nurses here just brought me a warm seven layer cookie. (Now that is above the call of duty). Regan is steady today. It feels good to not have to think we took another step back today.

This morning I was visiting around a table with the some dear friends of ours from our family here at LCC. I was telling them that we let Regan lead us in prayer at home when we eat. We know that her communion with God is so strong so we love when she prays for us. Some people might think that is weird but we know that Regan talks to God. Her body may have a disorder but her her spirit does not. Now it is amazing to watch Regan who has never spoken lead people all over the world to prayer. And these prayers are not silly prayers. These are sincere prayers that touch the heart of God...thank you!


Wade & Casey Cummins Family said...

Regan and the rest of the family:
We have been following the blog closely for the past week or so. I find myself checking it at work to see if there is any new news. We want you to know that even though we can't be there right now you all are on our minds and in our prayers. Please give Regan a big hug and kiss from us. Gracie wants you to tell her she is praying for her every night and to tell her she loves her very much. We are praying for all 5 of you. We love you all. Thanks for keeping up with the blog so we can know what is going on. XOXOXOXOXO

Uncle Wade, Aunt Casey, Gracie and Tarren Cummins

To Regan from Gracie:
I miss you very much and I love you. I wish I was there to play cooking stuff with you right now. I hope you start to feel better. I really, really love you.


Dawn said...

we are so happy that today was a better day for regan. i miss seeing her smiling face and beautiful curls! we are all praying down here. miss you all!! dawn (and the rest of the phelps family)

shannon said...

Hi Regan, this is Kate. I love you and I hope you are feeling better. I'll pray for you all the time.

Hi Regan, I hope you get better soon, and I hope the doctors help you. I just wanted to say, "hi." Love, Garrett

Hey Regan and family, I am soooo glad you had a better day today. Tell your mommmy and daddy thank you for filling us in. I missed getting to see you today. It sounds like you are surrounded with people who love you. Know that we love you and are praying for you.

Ryder and Rylee we talked about your plays a lot today. They are still entertaining us. We love you.

shannon said...

oops, i wasn't done. Brian and Chantell, we love you. I want to hear more about the 7 layer cookie. i'm glad you had a better day and that you have a bathroom now. we're praying for all the things we can think of to pray for and asking the Holy Spirit to pray where we can't.

Lori said...

Thanks for sharing about Regan's reminded us of Hannah's when she was 2 and 3. She would go on and on and on, and we had no idea what she was saying until she said "Amen." But we knew that God understood it all!!

Love and prayers from the Thomas's!

Julie said...

A good note on which to end the day!
Speaking of notes...I was listening to praise music today...I was sitting out on my back porch with my headphones and thinking of Regan and how all of those songs' words about God's power and grace and love are still as relevant and true today as they have been since people started singing God's praises.
It is good to praise that picture frame in Regan's room says, God is good all the time.
Beautiful Regan, I hope you can rest tonight. I've already sent your situation through a prayer chain at my church. But, some people in church aren't on the prayer chain, so after the service tomorrow, you'll have a whole new group of people going before God on behalf of you and your family. Most of the people at PCC know your name well...and they know that I like you a lot!
Still praying for peace and strength.
I love you.

'becca said...

I went to this place tonight to get you a ball. It is really cool. They are celebrating for Palm Sunday and had many crafts for sale. I also got you a cross with Jesus upon it from a man near the church in the center of town. My mom met the man that wove the palm leaves. I can't wait to give it to you. Know that I am praying for you.
Love from your friend,

*Paraphrased by his momma. The cross he picked out is beautiful. He picked out the largest one that the man was selling and said it would help keep Regan strong. He knows that Jesus is her strength. We love you, 'bec and boys