Sunday, April 01, 2007

Palm Sunday

This is Chantell again.

We are trying to find the balance of how much to update you on. She is about the same today. All our parents left for OK< class="blsp-spelling-corrected" id="SPELLING_ERROR_1">because The King has come. I know so many of you today worshiped together and in that time prayed for us. So, here are some cool thoughts that I had
My cousin Rick lives in Louisiana he and his family are camping with 100 people from their church and he called this morning to say they were praying too!

My friend Becca is in Mexico on vacation...she and her friends are praying for Regan.

Our local church here in Lincoln has little kids and teenagers and mom's and dad's and really old people praying for Regan and wishing she was there to sing a song during communion time.

Shannon and Rob are in Amarillo with their family and they are praying for Regan.

All of our families live in different states and have churches and small groups that are praying for Regan.

Many of our friends from Texas from Houston, to Dallas, to Lubbock are praying together.

The list could go on and on and many people praying that we don't even know. So today I rest in this thought
One day we will all feast at The Table. Jesus will take the cup and the bread again. All the worshipers of God will be there. And we will all feast together. Regan will not longer be in a wheelchair so she will get to square up and dig more more IV' more more more wondering what she is thinking....only good sweet fellowship with the Father and with each other as the united body of Christ. I can hardly wait. Ryder told me a couple days ago that that picture gives him hope. I say it helps me cope. I look forward to seeing you there.


Tesha said...

I am so glad you know of the THOUSANDS of people that are praying for you(even the really old people)(sorry that made Tim and I giggle!!) I had even more today ask for the blog address.
Keep hoping our dear friends!!
We love and miss you!!

Jane said...

We were "away" this weekend but you were never "away" from our hearts, thoughts and prayers.
Continue to lift your whole family up. Thank you for keeping us posted.


Shelley said...

I have been checking the blog constantly, but I just got around to registering so I could post a reply. We gave an update on your guys in the Open Door today. So many people have been asking about and praying for you guys. Everyone wants to know how things are going and everyone is constantly praying. I can't see anyone from church right now without them asking, "have you heard from the Mills?". That is just how much you all are on people's minds and hearts right now. We love you guys so much and are lifting you up in prayer. I pray continued strength, endurance and peace for all of you.

BTW, Nina sends her love and hugs to her "friends Regan and Mrs. Mills". :)

shannon said...

Our hearts are so connected through the power of the Spirit. The sermon today was about communion, and Regan never left my thoughts. I can't wait for us all to be together at that Table with Jesus. We love you.

splumier said...

They are also praying in Manchester NH and lots of other Week of E3 locations like Romania and Montreal. Pretty cool.
Tell Ryder Ethan has some books for him. We will try and get them to him this week to help pass some time.
Thanks for that image of Heaven. It's our only hope.

Julie said...

Our friend Vanessa (the red headed lady who helped us out at our wedding) posted about Regan on her blog. She's raising support to go to France for 5 years...all of the people who read her blog, wherever they are in the world, are praying too!
PCC is praying for you all, and several of them ask about her regularly.
Today the sermon was from John 17 when Jesus prayed that we would not be taken from the world, but that we would be protected from the evil one. My prayer tonight would be that your hearts would be guarded and strengthened as your ministry grows. I'm also praying for your family as you've been scattered between Lincoln and Springfield that you would find solidarity and strength in the midst of craziness.
As we anticipate the day on which we celebrate Jesus' victory of Death, I am also praying for joy. And that at least one of the people who sees your faith and Regan's unexplainable strength will come to know our Lord and our hope.
(Goodnight, Regan! I love you!)

Jane said...

Our Small Group gathered tonight. We prayed for Regan. As we did, I had the holy chills being a part of the Body of Christ joining together in prayer for Miss Regan that continues to touch so many hearts. Rest well our dear friends, Jane

parianhull said...

Many of your vvcc family are wondering, asking and praying! We love you dearly and are in our thoughts and prayers constantly!! Miles seperate, but hearts are close! Regs: Uncle Rodney and Aunt Parian love you and miss you so much--we love to hear you sing over the phone and we want to hear that again! Hoping with all of you! I will call you soon!


Grant Wade said...

Erin and I are thinking of you guys and praying for you. If you need anything remember that we live down we're only a few minutes away. Love you guys!

Todd said...

I can't remember a time when I've been reminded more frequently to petition God for someone...Our faithful, personal, intentional Holy Spirit is reminding us all to pray for sure!
My choice of words won't equal what my spirit is yearning to say to you all right now, so I'll just leave it at this--my family's hearts are truly standing (and falling) at the Lord's feet with you all...we are petitioning Him and giving thanks...our family is here to serve yours...just name it...
(noah says hi to regan, ryder and riley and he hopes they aren't too bored at the hospital...and haven says hi and wants to send a hug and kiss to regan)

from our hearts,
the henry family
proverbs 3:3,5,6