Saturday, April 07, 2007


We came home last night! What a journey!

It will take us a few days to organize our new normal w/ Home Health Care, new medical supplies & protocols for Regan. But we're glad to have the chance to do it. Thanks for your incredible support over the last 13 days. It's been amazing & very helpful.

Now it's time to see if we can pull off this pro re nata business.

For clarification, it doesn't mean to sacrifice your ambition. And it doesn't mean to make no preparations or plans. Like Jesus told the disciples in Luke 12:35, "Be dressed, ready for service..." This requires planning, foresight & anticipation. But it does not include worry, anxiety, control, or execution of those plans until the "situation arises."

We definitely have a number of game plans. We've had the last five years and 13 days to develop them for multiple situations. We have supplies & networks for support. Somehow, we just have to relax into a new normal and wait to see what situations arise. And that's the human life. We've promised Regan to help her deal with whatever we encounter in this new territory. But we're trying not to get overly anxious about what big rocks, rivers, valleys or mountains we might encounter. But our bags are packed, shoes are fit, and tires are ready. We're going to keep rolling along together. We're going to enjoy every minute we get to enjoy and push through the hard times we're bound to encounter. Because we know we're not alone. Emmanuel and Ekklesia.

There will be a day when Regan is not at home with us anymore. But that day is not today.

Thanks for rolling with us.


Chuck Bennett said...

Well folks, if there is anything I can do to help with the "pro re nata business", please let me know; anytime day or night. I am glad Regan is home with her family in familiar surroundings.


Stacy Peacock said...

You know Mills family you guys are awesome. The other day I was praying for you guys out loud (something I am new to) and when I came to pray for Regan I started to tear up. I am sure this doesn't seem unusual, but for me it was odd for two reasons. First, I am not a cryer by any best friend often calls me cold-hearted about emotional things. And second, I barely know this lovely little girl. I have been following the blogs and such and definitely keeping you guys in my prayers, but I've never spoken to her. And as I type this I remember one Sunday in church (not long ago), I believe Regan was praising the Lord and of course I looked back, I saw the most wonderful sight ever...your son just had his head laid on her shoulder and was just rubbing her hand gently...I could just feel the love. So I just want you to know that Regan is amazing and special to me as well...she has touched my heart and taught me so much in just these few short days I have been reading about her. I cannot imagine how many other people whose lives she has touched! What a wonderful blessing! God Bless, Stacy Peacock

Shan said...

Brian, Chantell, Ryder, Rylee, and Regan - I am so thankful that you are finally home...where comfort and familiarity are your embrace. I am imagining in my mind the warm glow that seems to permiate your entire house and the warm welcome it has been to you. I'm praying for all of you as you begin this new "lap" of rolling as the Mills family. I miss you guys and can't wait to see you all in a few short weeks.

Love, Shan

Chan- give me a call whenever you get a second...I'd love to hear your voice and pray with you. Miss you like crazy!