Tuesday, April 10, 2007


So I;ve been wanting to write this cool story that happened on Easter. I had to go to Walmart to pick up some supplies for our "Easter Dog" party. A person standing behind me in line ask me where the kids and Brian were. I said, "Brian is at home..he and Regan are taking a nap. She has been in the hospital." The check-out lady said, "Regan Mills"...She then proceeded to tell me how she heard about Regan at her church today (this was on Sunday). She was moved I could tell by the tears in her eyes. She wanted me to know that she was praying for us. She said she was inspired. We have heard since that other ministered encouraged their churches through her story.
...weird to have someone that knows your story but you don't know.
...great because it was one of those "I am the mother of Regan Mills" moments that I love.
...moving to see the impact of her on people who have never seen her.
...encouraging to see that some churches connected it to the resurrection power.

We contiune to adjust. The nurse has come a couple of times. The social worker came today. He is great. I think he will be a great resource for us. I have been ministered to so much by reading your emails and blog responses. I feel the tender care of father by meals brought in, errands that are run, our lawn being mowed and in all the tender care. I feel frail. Regan's weakness drives me to my knees it is a mirror to my own. The pain is relentless. Watching her resting in his care moves me to find that place myself. It reminds me of one of my favorite books by Brennan Manning "Ruthless Trust." That seems to be the place I find my self. Trying to believe that John 11:26 is true. "I am the resurrection, If anyone believes in me, even though he or she dies will live, and whoever lives and believes in me will never die" That takes ruthless trust. Manning goes on to says "we stare down death without nervousness and anticipate resurrection soley because Jesus has said, You have my word on it."

Time to go snuggle and watch some IDOL! A normal Tuesday night for the Mills family. We haven't had one of those in a while.

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Peregrinatio said...

"et cum discussa caligine de tenebrarum profundo in lucem sapientiae et veritatis emergerem, non respuit comitem, sed quod est gloriosius, praecucurrit."
Minucius Felix
Having read the last few blog entries, it seems that Reagan has been your leader (praecurrit comitem) into the light (in lucem). The heavenly Father has some powerful and glorious leaders, no? I give thanks for Reagan's life and for your family's.