Monday, April 09, 2007

not home yet....

This is Chantell...

I guess you can probably the difference between when Brian writes and when I do. My spelling is horrible. I spent my life embarrassed that reality until a few months ago when I realized there are editors who are brilliant at sentence structure but have nothing important to say. At least most of the time I have something to say that at least I think is important. So I am glad to be on this side of that coin.

We are adjusting to home. Brian has made a flow chart for the oxygen tanks. We have rearranged Regan's room. I haven't stopped doing laundry. We dyed some awesome Easter eggs with the Maupin's until 11pm on Saturday, worshiped with our church family on Sunday, ate a great Easter dinner with the Plummiers, and even hosted a Easter Cookout with the D'Andrea's and Maupin's. What a great celebration of the risen ONE!

Regan is doing okay. She is still really tired. She is in constant need of oxygen sometimes more than others. The home health care nurse has come twice. She is very nice and gifted for what God has called her to. Julie and Lil will come tomorrow to give me a small break. We are all on a learning curve. Rylee sleep walks and ended up in bed with Regan last night. So the reality is none of us are sleeping very sound and she is always on our minds.

Yet we still are living with constant fatigue and with wonder of what Regan is going to do. I feel blessed by the opportunity to love her longer and more deeply and with a deeper appreciation for each other. I feel moved to tears many times throughout the day when I think about everything that has happened and will happen. I am a destination girl; I like to get where I am going with no lolly-gagging around. This place of in between is a hard place for me.

So the Holy Spirit keeps reminding me that we are all living the "in-between" life. This is not our home. We are always "in-between" sometimes this home is just more comfortable than other times. I have promised myself that I will listen closely to God as He teaches me more through this situation. I don't want to miss any lesson he has for me in all of this.


fairydust100 said...

I am so glad that your family has returned and gathered together at home. Home is such a great place to be able to understand each other better, and to love and be loved. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, and although I missed seeing you at the hospital on Easter, I'm so glad you were all able to celebrate.

velvet said...

Chantell, You are as you were a decade ago when I met you ... I don't have to be wih you to see and know your beauty. Your story grips the heart and makes us love Regan and her family; and even more reminds us of God's great, living and real love for us. I live in the mystery of Jesus' words, "I am the resurrection and the life," however I have a feeling that you and your family have a more full understanding now of what He was revealing about himself at Lazarus' resurrection. What a gift! Scott and I will join the prayer in asking God for strength and wisdom, and please know that Regan's life and your journey, story, and ministry through it is a strength to us and many more, I'm sure. I cease to be amazed at the people who know you and of you. Much love to you.

Mandy said...

I, too, am a "get where I'm going" kind of person, so the waiting around is so hard. I can't even handle red lights or long lines in the store. I want to get what I want when I want it. It's a good lesson in patience though.

I'm always praying for you guys. Let me know what you need ok?

Love you so much!