Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mama's Rambles

I'm laying in bed with Regan. I have been for a while now. You mothers know how sweet it is to lay and rest by your children. I love the smell of her hair. Brian and I bathed her yesterday evening so she smells so good. Her hair is so beautiful. She has a purple bow in that Kate Maupin gave her for Valentines day (since she can't have candy). It is nice to have all the big tubes and masks off so that we can get closer. She is resting. Breathing easy. I wonder what she is dreaming of. I know the last hour will be one of my most treasured memories.
I thank God that he gives us moments of peace and comfort.

Daddy was watching us. Now he is milling around "nesting." He has always enjoyed keeping things organized and tidy for us while we stay in the hospital. After yesterday this room looks like a tornado hit it.

Regan has always been amazing. She has always done what no one expects. I think the Savior leads her. He always did things no one expected. Yesterday our lung specialist was here with four other doctors. He asked us how many people knew we were taking off the mask and knew it was Regan's time. I told him not many but people all over the world are praying for her around the clock. He smiled a big smile and said, "That's it." None of them have ever seen this before. The on call ICU specalist even apologize and said he doesn't understand what happened. Our nurse was just in a few minutes ago and she said, "I've never seen an eyes dilate like Regan's and be so fixed and now respond to light."

I'm not sure but I think God has more to say through the life of this little girl. I'm glad. I know we may only have a few more hours, or maybe a couple of days but I just like being with her. I like watching what God does through her. I think God is teaching us all something through all of this. Brian was saying last night as we were laying down for bed that it is so humbling to be going through all of this in community with all of you. It is a great comfort....I have no words to express the feeling I have about the email, blog responses, e cards, voice mails, cookies, notes, flowers.....

I'll stop now...I could just go on and on


Jane said...

Thank you, Chantell for "going on" for as I awoke an hour ago, all I had on my mind was you all and have been checking to see if you all posted any comments. Praying for you to have sweet comfort and peace and I see my prayers are being anwered from what you wrote. Was remembering the beginning of your journey with Regan as Brian requoted the theme you started out your steps: "The strength of the Lord is our joy." Truly you have relied upon His strength and found HIS joy and shared that with so many of us along this journey. We are blessed at the blessing of Regan. She is a precious gift teaching us who really is in charge not only of life but also of strength. A song keeps coming to mind for you all that comforted my soul so many hospital stays..."His Strength is Perfect" and always shall be. Rest in His perfect strength and joy!

Suzanne said...

Dear Regan,
Me and my mom have been praying for you many times yesterday. I
love you very much. I am glad
you are feeling better today.


Regan, you are so strong. Thank you for giving this present to your parents--this sweet time to lay with you and hold you and smell you. I know you are enjoying it too. Thank you for showing us this beautiful picture of the Spirit at work. You are an amazing inspiration, little girl.

Shannon said...

Again I say I love you guys. Your family is an excellent representation of what God has called family to be. Your faith, and Regan's story will be used in ways we cannot even begin to understand. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this journey with you.

And we continue to pray...

--Shannon C

Rick Hobler said...

We are holding you all close to our hearts and speaking to the Father about all of this. We know He has heard and continues to respond. We will continue to ask for His perfect will to be done. We love you guys...

Stephen said...

Mills Family,
Caryn and I are praying for y'all from Dallas-Fort Worth today.
Steve Collins

The Woods' in Boise said...

Brian & Chantell,

We did not know until yesterday when Steve's dad e-mailed us what is happening with Regan. Please know that your family is in our family's thoughts and prayers.

Steve, Michelle and Kids

prof Rich said...

I love your description of how you all held and "loved on" each other. In my mind, I see the picture of God doing the same for each of you. His love and faithfulness have no comparison. May you be strengthened every moment by His presence with you.

Spellman said...

May the Lord of all hosts continue to bathe you in his peace. May he hold you close to him and may you feel his strength and be comforted.

shannon said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your heart, Chantell. You and Brian have been so sweet to let us in, so we can all know how to pray. I don't want to write much, so you can cuddle and smell Regan's hair. Just know we are sending you hugs and are praying truly with all our hearts.WE LOVE YOU ALL!! Rob, Shannon, Garrett & Kate