Wednesday, February 07, 2007


It is very cold here. My van told me it was -3 on the way to take Rylee to school yesterday. It intended to tell me a fact but really, if it is bellow 0 you don't need to tell me. It just makes me feel worse knowing that is in a - number. Rylee doesn't understand negatives yet. I found it difficult to explain. I hope her teachers do a better job.

I have a horrible bladder/kidney infection. I think Regan thinks I am a wimp...she is thinking, "Mom how about 14 kidney stones! that is pain.....get over yourself!" Even Moby feels bad for me. Brian took care of the kids this morning so I could sleep in. What a jewel of a man he is, I intend to keep him FOREVER! Julie is here now with Regan. We are keeping her home this week because we are so nervous for her to be out in the cold. She hasn't left home since Saturday.

I enjoyed some reading yesterday...since I was in the bathroom so much. If you haven't read Dallas Willard's latest book on Spiritual formation you should. It is jewel "The great Omission". Brian and I are reading it slow together. In the book he quotes my favorite writer Henri Nouwen "nothing conflicts with the love of Christ like service to Christ." This is so true for me. This quote got me thinking (because this is different that where he went with it). The very thing I "do" for Christ can very easily make me feel like I am earning Christ love/grace. What a paradox that God gives us service...this forces us to let go of the earning mentality. Simpling resting in knowing Christ loves us will only come through intentionality.

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