Thursday, February 08, 2007

the look of captivation...

I love these two pictures. They remind me that it is possible for two people to be fully captivated by each other. No one else matters. We need more of that today. More attention to who are standing/setting right in front of you. More attention to the needs of those around you. More attention paid to the fact that when you smile at someone you might just get them to smile back. Regan teaches us so much everyday. One of the biggest things is that you have to slow down to have relationships. Most people miss out of Regan because they don't take time to get to know her to to slow down long enough to wait for her response. We praise God for the opportunity to live with her and know her so well. Her life is a constant reminder to us that no relationship can be rushed. They need time and attention which sometimes leads to a relationship that captivates you. You know the kind of person you can just listen to or talk to or sit with because they are just wonderful to be around. Oh, do we see God in those people.

Tomorrow is Regan's ortho appointment to talk about her back. Please pray for Brian and I as we pray and search for the best answer for Regan.

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