Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day!

We all went to bed last night praying for a snow day. God heard us and boy do we have snow! As you can see the drifts are very high and the blowing snow is awesome. You can also see that the Tao is missing from the drive way because Brian and Ryder are out driving in this! Rylee walked to a friends house to play in her snow tunnel. Regan, Moby and I are staying in! The big kids and daddy are planning a sledding outing later today with the Maupin kids if the snow stops : )

Please pray for Regan's seizures because they are really bad right now. This causes her respiratory issues because it is hard for her to get deep breathes during the seizures. She had one this morning at 2:30am that last until 3:15.....crazy. We love her so much and it is hard for us to see her suffering this way. Brian and I like to call these seizures "damn seizures" because they are worse that regular ones and they have no redemptive value at all...so they are one day going to be damned...so we say to each other....oh those damn seizures. Mostly it makes us feel better.

I think I'll do some ironing and finish organizing my new office (closet). Brian made me move my diploma to the closet/office instead of by the washer and dryer where it has been hung. I miss it there because as I am doing load after load of laundry I have a reminder that I actually do know about something else. Thanks to everyone who sent cards and stuff for my birthday.
I feel blessed by all the love. Brian and the kids made my day very special. Ryder took this picture of me on the morning of my birthday before church. I know my mom and dad will be glad to see me... I am looking forward to John Mayer on Saturday..."the big date!" I was glad he at least won one grammy! I just love singer-song writers. Here is a link to his site....love him! http://www.johnmayer.com
Brian and I spoke at a local college ministry on "dating 101" it went well. It is always a weird topic for us. But the students seem to be down with it..so that is what matters.


Julie said...

Boy, that snow picture is a familiar sight. We shoveled ours this evening and it's a good thing we've got another snow day tomorrow. I'm sure I won't be the only one who'll need to recover from shoveling!

Mills Family said...

Regan misses you. We were just talking about you this morning. She needs some Julie time.

Mandy said...

i'm so excited for john mayer on saturday! woo-hoo!

and i'm sorry i didn't get to see you actually ON your b-day but i'm glad everyone made it special! love you lots!