Saturday, February 24, 2007

Kidney Stone

Just thought everyone might like to see Regan's kidney stone. It is the size of a match head. She is amazing because she did not even cry....Sort of a weird picture to post. But sometimes it is just interesting to see what we are talking about. She slept well last night. Thanks for the prayers.


Julie said...

That might explain why she was so restless Tuesday night. If that is the case, it is amazing that she didn't cry! Although, sometimes I imagine that she deals with pain so much that there are those days when it's just too much and she's like, "Dang it, do I really have to deal with this?!" She's such a brave, strong girl!

'becca said...

OUCH!!! Bless her little heart ~ i am so happy that she is feeling better and slept well. Hugs from Indiana.