Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend update

Friday night we played some games and ate supper late. We were all watching "Man vs Wild" and Ryder and I noticed that Daddy and Rylee were asleep. What a cute pair they are. I am sure daddy was happy to have someone to snuggle with. So sweet.

A few months ago a family gave Regan a money gift to buy her bath seat. Since we got the bath seat for free we decided to use the money to install some much needed ramps in front of our house. Brian worked hard trying to find just the right ones for our family. He installed them on Saturday. They are awesome. Ryder and Rylee can push Regan outside with no trouble and I can do it much easier. This will really be helpful this summer when Regan is going in and out so much more. In the evening we also had our friends the D'Andrea's over for homemade Pizza and a family game. We played a round of parent's vs kids of "Disney's Scene It". Of course the parent's lost but we had fun doing it.

Sunday was Ryder's play that he has been practicing with his Drama Club the "Living Stones." They preformed "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" Ryder was the Lion "Aslan". He did an outstanding job. This pictures is with Ryder's two best friends from church Ethan Golden and Hannah D Andrea. They were both in the production as well.

So, that is our weekend in review..of course more happened but I would hate to bore you with all the details. Regan is continuing on her up and down trend. This week she will be home with me all day because Julie is heading to the Dominican for a mission's trip. So, it will be nice to have her with me.


'becca said...

LOVE the daddy daughter pic! So fun to see cuddles in progress. ;)

Jonathan H said...

Hey guys. I just stumbled onto your blog a couple of days ago. It's great to what's going on with you guys. I miss seeing you.

Mills Family said...

Miss you too...I went to your blog. great looking babes. I'll try to check it so we can keep in touch.