Sunday, February 18, 2007

John Mayer Concert

TOO COOL! He was so great. We loved it. Brian bought me John Mayer tickets for my birthday/Valentines Day! So much fun. We both love him and only a week after is big Grammy win. He is so amazing. He even played Brian's favorite song as the last encore song...really great way for us to end the concert. We enjoyed it greatly. Our friend Marci watched our kids for us. So, thankful to her for loving us enough to let us go be "us." Another kinda weird thing but sorta cool too is that Jessica Simpson was there. She and John date and so she came to the concert sat in the sound booth which we sat right next to. So, we "sat next to Jessica Simpson" during the Concert. We were literally 25 yards from here with nothing in between us but a metal railing. Sorta frustrating too because once people started realizing she was there they kept walking by...I took a couple of pictures of her. I posted the one when she was leaving. She was so close I could touch her...and we have the same coat (which Brian bought me for me birthday, too).Anyway is was great to see John and to celebrate his wonderful music that is the background of our life. Ryder and Rylee would have loved it. Maybe someday we can all go. I think John Mayer is the James Taylor of the new generation. There were people there from all ages and backgrounds. Similarly as James. So, it was great just wanted to give an update on how it went. I took more pics if you want to see them let me know.


'becca said...

I am still stuck in the old gerneration w/ James Taylor I guess. lol More photos please! I wondered if Ms. Simpson would be there.

Mandy said...

i think it's so funny how preoccupied people were w/ jessica. what a great night though!

you guys need to see Jamie Cullum the next time he's nearby...that concert still beat John's in my book, but it's a different style.

I just love concerts...we should go to more together. =)

Mills Family said...

Mandy----glad you were in the room too! I would have rather sat next to you than Jessica Simpson (you're cooler)!