Tuesday, February 20, 2007

....oh the seizures

Hello everyone out there in blog land. I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to ask you to pray for Regan's seizures. They are really ugly right now. They we are now into week two of these long and convulsive seizures. Last Friday I took her in for lab work and she doesn't not have any infections that could be prompting the seizures. You sorta wish there was, at least then you would have something to blame. Brian and I continue to be heavy hearted about her situation. It is frustrating to go from great news about her back to these the next day. We were saying last night as we were falling asleep that you just have to compartmentalize her different issues sometimes so you can rejoice in the good stuff. She is tired all the time. It is been days since she really smiled or was interested in a lot of activity. She needs relief. Only God can bring her that. We trust HIM to carry her through. Please pray for her. If you don't mind responding/commenting in the blog or via email a prayer or letting us know you are praying that would be great. I would like to post them on her board by her bed and read them over her. I know it would encourage her spirit to hear you pray or simply to know you are praying for her too! I love how the internet is a tool that God can use to bring us together even though we are states or even countries apart. I consider it a blessing from God.


Justin & Jenny said...

Dear Father,
Please give Regan some much needed rest from these ugly seizures. The kind of rest that only YOU ALONE can give her. Hold her body in your warm, loving arms. Please whisper in her ears today how much you love her and want to take care of her. We ask that you would bless her family with a sweet smile from her face. Thank you for loving us all more than we can fathom. Thank you for hearing our prayers. You are mighty and strong! Amen.

Suzanne said...

We pray for your hand of mercy on precious little Regan. We ask in Jesus' name that you would heal Regan and take away her seizures, and that you would put even more of your angels around her to minister to her. We ask that you give her relief so that she can truly rest and can enjoy the company of her family. Give Brian, Chantell, Ryder, and Rylee the rest and peace that can only come from you. Thank you, Merciful Father, for hearing us.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, you are bigger than these seizures and you are greater. So we come to you asking you to relieve Regan from the seizures. Encourage her and her family and give them rest. Sometimes, Lord, all we know to do is plead for your mercy, and that is what we do now on behalf of Reagan. Amen.

Norman said...

God our father thank you for all
you have done and for all you are going to do. you have given us Regan to demonstrate your grace and mercy even when we dont understand. Father she is such a
special person and you have shared her with us. Lord would you please
give her special comfort and release from her suffering. She has showed us how to share in your
suffering yet Lord it is so hard to
watch this. Father I ask in Jesus
name for her comfort and for release from some of this pain. You have given her a road to walk that few could do. Thank You that
you are already going before walking beside her. You are a great God we love you and bless your Holy Name. In Jesus Name
we pray Amen