Sunday, February 04, 2007

Listen......what do you hear.

Today we decided to stay home from Lincoln Christian and have church at home. Our meditation was on listening. We sat quietly and listened to the sounds in our house. Then we plugged our ears and listened to "the stuff moving around in our brain" as Rylee called it. We could not hear the sounds of the room because we closed our ears to rest of the world. We were totally focused on our selves. God wants us to him, to what is going on around us, and to what is going on inside of us. This is our primary job as believers. To listen so we can love him with all of ourselves and love others as well. All great!

Awaken is went great! The team did a fantastic job and the girls who attended loved it. Praise God for his faithfulness in all things. I am sore today from our jazzersize to "Manic" and "Let's get Physical". I add my "flash dance" costume on....very scary but the girls loved it. Thanks for all of you for all your prayer and support. Brian moved my desk to a closet in our family room this weekend. So, it frees up some space in our family room. Great because we needed it. Brian went and bought a chair from the second hand store from $35 it is great. Not the coolest but still great for $ feels great to live inside what you can makes me proud of the chair. It fulfilled one of Brian's dreams for our marriage...for each of us to have our own chair...amazing you could make a dream happen for only $35.

It is very cold here. Regan's breathing suffers from it. Could you please pray for her. Also pray for us to not catch the flu. Lincoln is really suffering from many cases of it. I am even considering keeping everyone home next week until people get better. Many of our friends have had it and it would be bad if Regan got it. We are having a party tonight. It will be great fun! Ryder loves the Bears so i put the type orange and blue to support the Bears even though they probably won't win.


'becca said...

GO COLTS! My boys can cheer w/ Ryder and I'll cheer in a corner all by myself. ;) The ribs are still slow cooking in the oven, the browines are finished baking and the soda is outside getting cold. AWAKEN was fantastic from my view. Thank you for your continued dedication to the young ladies in our area and to LCC! You are a delight Chantel. See you in a bit.

Julie said...

So...sorry about the Bears. But really, the $35 dream, now that's a beautiful thing. At least you both got to watch the game from your own chairs!