Monday, January 29, 2007

,,,,,,,,are you awake????????

AWAKEN is on its way! The All high school girl event that I help to plan is just a few days away. Will you pray about that for me! I believe so much in this tool of the Lord's. I feel stressed about about all I have to do not only for this but also for my class and our parts of my life. I know that it will soon be over but it will be a lot of hard work to get there. Fortunately hard work is one of my favorite things! Rylee is planning to attend with me so that will be some fun time for her too! I praise God that he has given me this ministry to be a part of. I love the chicka's that I work with and even more so I love the ONE who awakens my heart to all things. His passion for me is a gift. It fuels me to love more deeply and breathe grace as often as HE does.

This morning I am reminded that he fame continues be awakened through the whole earth. I received word that my sweet Megan (who's been in my SFG for three years) is finally on the move. She has been stuck in southern part of her Guinea for two weeks. She is awaiting peace from the riots so they could more to their destination in the northern part of Guinea. I have another dear one who of mine who is in China. She is spreading the Love in a blessed city. Shannon another of my SFG girls is planning her life in Niger Africa. As well as one of my dear friend Becca who just returned home from Uganda. Even as I write this tears run down my face as I think of the Love of our FATHER being spread to those who need to hear. The evil one has lied and JESUS has come to AWAKEN us to His light. This morning the song that says "How Deep the Father's love for us (all over the world)...How vast beyond all measure...that He would send His only Son to pay my ransom.......Now if that doesn't awaken you to the passion of the Father I don't know what will.......oh how sweet He IS!

Please pray for Regan's breathing...she is very congested.


NIGER1.COM said...

hello here is a suggestion to your friend who is Niger send her on
She can read about American experience in Niger

Mills Family said...

Shannon when you read this let me know what you think....I went on the website but I don't read French so I was a little lost.

'becca said...

AWAKEN will be fantastic! You are an amazing leader and I am excited to see what this years event has in store. Looking forward to our coffee date in a few hours.

See you,