Friday, January 26, 2007

Growing up in God's presence.

I love Friday's for lots of reasons. The first is that I get to get Regan ready for school. Brian and Ryder and Rylee have "Donut day with Dad" on Fridays. So they go to the donut shop with all the old guys before school. Julie doesn't come since I don't have to take Ryder and Rylee to school. So, Regan and I get some extra time...I really enjoy it. Today we gave Moby a bath too! I also love laundry and I do laundry on Fridays. I feel like the air is full of hope on Fridays.

I also love them because it is when the weekend starts. On the weekends our family spends time together. I love it! Sometimes we doing stuff but almost always we are "doing" it together. God made us to live life together. I love that about Him. He did not create us to live on a island all alone but in community. Our first community is our family. Even Jesus had one. 1 Samuel 2 says that "Samuel grew up in the presence of the Lord." Even though he was away from his family he lived in the temple with Eli and his sons. I pray that our family say infants in our dependence on God but that our faith matures (grows up) in the presence of our awesome LORD. We are all growing up in God's presence together. I pray that is true for you too!

Regan is well...a little congested but well. She has a kidney appointment next Wednesday. So pray for that. Also, Brian is speaking at a Mid winter retreat this weekend for high schoolers. Please pray that they will have hears to hear and Brian brings a word from God. I get to go with him tonight. That will be fun...sorta like a date.

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