Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lord have mercy!

This morning I went to chapel at LCC. It was on how we are unholy but God is HOLY. So while we were worshiping together it occurred to me how much I try to do on my own. I am a "dooer" so I often fall into a pattern of trying to show God how much I love him by going and going. I do it as worship but sometimes I am distracted from my dependency on God because I am doing too much in my own strength. This morning and last night at bible study I was reminded that God wants my dependency in big and small things..with my sin and righteous acts....with small step or big ones. Regan is a great reminder of what that looks like and what a joy that kind of life that can be.
Regan has been laughing and smiling a lot for the last couple of days! It is such a blessing. Rylee is not feeling great but we are trying to put her in bed a little earlier to try to keep her rested. Ryder is great.

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