Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hard day today

This is an old picture of the girls but I love it because Regan's hair is "don kingish." Regan is having a difficult day today. She is crying and we don't know why. Rylee said this morning "I know she is trying to tell us what is wrong." This is nerve racking for the other kids to go to sleep and wake up with her crying. She did sleep some last night but it is wearing on our hearts to hear her cry. I am comforted this morning only the God's promise that when we sow with tears we reap with gladness. Only in God's economy can that be true. I am sure Regan has storehouses filled to the brim with gladness at this point.

Part of the issue here is that we don't know what it is. Sometimes when we take her in they find something but sometimes they don't. Usually when they find something Brian and I already knew that what they would find...ear ache, kidney stones, dislocated hip etc.... I am giving her Tylenol with Codeine and that seems to help some. I have calls into three doctors and am waiting now to hear back from them. Julie is setting with Regan. God's bless Julie....I don't know what I would do without her.
  • Please pray for God's wisdom to be increased in Brian and I and all the doctors as we try to figure Regan out.
  • Brian is teaching all morning this morning and Ryder and Rylee are at school would you pray for them to give the burden of this to God and be present where God has them this morning.
  • Please pray for all of us to be comforted through many tears and heavy hearts.
  • Please pray for God to heal Regan from this pain.
Today I proclaim COME LORD JESUS COME!

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Mandy said...

i sure know what it's like to have those days where you can't figure out what God's doing, but you want to trust Him anyway. I love you guys and will be praying for Regan and all of you and the doctors to figure out what's going on.

I look forward to chatting soon to catch up. I need some Chantell time, that's for sure. love you!