Thursday, January 11, 2007

MLK. Day.....

We have spent the last two days in Nashville visiting the Terashita's clan. Strong coffee, strong love and strong opinions are always flowing. It is just my kinda place. Some of my favorite conversations have happened within this relationship. So, glad to have them. I will post some pics when I get back. We are leaving later today. We have had beautiful weather here. We sat out on the back deck both days with no jacket! Regan had a hard day last night and cried for several hours. I awoke this morning and decided that it was time to get up when I had a dream that Brittney Spears and Lindsay Lohan had become Christians and they are asking if they could do workshops at AWAKEN. I was actually having a conversation with Brittany about it in my kitchen. Scarry! Then I cam upstairs to a cup of coffee and great other words hope of a new day. I love MLK jr. I am so happy that my kids are learning about him. I am so glad we have a holiday to remember him. What a passionate man. I love a dreamer.

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Mandy said...

oh my goodness, i just laughed so hard at your dream. that's hilarious. though your dream was not quite as world-changing as MLK's, it will provide lots of laughs!

could you imagine if those girls taught at Awaken? wow.