Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

We are finally home....it is true there is no place like it! We drove back from KC on Sunday and celebrated in the New Year at home with our sweet family. We made homemade BBQ chicken pizza and Rylee made her famous brownies. It was a great night . We played lots of games and watched Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year!

Brian and I also celebrated our 12th anniversary on the 30th. Grandma Vera and Papa Ray watched the kids and Brian and I went out for coffee and dinner. It reminded us how important small times away with no kids makes a big difference. We were like newlyweds. We continue to feel blessed by our marriage. We love each other more deeply and sincerely than ever. We feel God has set this up for us as a true gift of grace!

Last night we had our friends the Maupin's over for nachos and football. It was great fun and they didn't go home until after midnight thanks to OU's overtime. Shannon and I enjoyed visiting while the men watched the game. The kids played and it was a great time. We are thankful that God has brought them to Lincoln and to the LCC family.

The kids start back to school tomorrow. Brian started back today (he is teaching a intesive week class this week). I don't start back for a couple weeks. We aren't ready for real like to start back. We like being together too much! Regan is having some back pain. Will you pray for her to be free from that. We will be making some decisions early this year regarding what to do with her spine. The brace is not helping and she has increased her curve by 12% in only 8 weeks. This is very disheartening. Her ear is healing well, thanks to all of you who have been praying for that.

We learned a few years ago to not try too hard to figure out what the future hold. God's desire for the Mill's family seems to be "hold on and remain faithful." We know that this year will have lots of common everyday days and many surprises but God is in all of it.

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