Saturday, January 06, 2007

There is just nothing like a sleeping baby!

Thanks to all of you who have been praying. Regan did sleep last night and I know the rest is God's gift and your prayers have given all of us strength to arrive at this moment with hope.
I inserted a picture of Regan with her Grandma Vera resting....appropriate for today.
Regan did go to school yesterday. She had a great time playing with her friends. Her Occupational Therapist hooked up the "Polly Pocket" mermaid set to her switch and she entertained all her classmates. Each time she hit the switch with her elbow the mermaid few up. All of Regan's classmates where cheering her on to "hit it again Regan hit it again."
They missed her and they were all glad she was back!
We are concluding from this that it is probably a kidney stone that has been causing the pain. Now we are watching for one to appear sometime today or tomorrow. Diane' our neurologist assistant called last night to find out how Regan was doing. God's comfort is felt through this medical professional (one among several) to travel this journey with us.

Rylee spent the night with a friend so Ryder and Brian watched the latest X men movie. I worked on Kim Terashita's birthday gift. We are planning to go to Nashville next weekend since the kids are out of school. So, I want to take it with me. Right now Ryder is watching the history channel with Regan while I type this. He keeps saying "now that is the problem with scientist." Funny boy! Brian is finishing teaching his last day of his class (which has gone great!) Rylee is still gone to her friends house. We plan to attend the LCC basketball games today and have dinner with our friends the Maupin's.


Mandy said...

Love you guys and so glad to hear things are better w/ Regan. I have been praying.

I still look fwd to seeing you soon! I miss you!

Julie said...

It's good to hear she's still doing well.
I'm glad you posted that picture of Regan sleeping. I know it was taken earlier, but it's an welcomed visual of sweet relief.