Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Isn't it great being a girl!

Today I just can't get out of my head how great it is to be a girl. I know we complain a lot about how hard it is (having periods, PMS and babies) but really I'd much rather be a girl.

  • I love it that we can be mushy and everyone says "It's a girl thing"~ Yea it is a girl thing and it is great! Even the men in my life are mushy with me. Girls do that to boys you know! Brian is mushy, Ryder is mushy, My daddy is mushy, Gary Terashita is mushy...even Moby my dog is mushy. Today all of them gave me encourgement through telling me they love me..their girl..in their own special way! I just don't think guys do that with each other.
  • I am planning a retreat for high school girls at the beginning of February. The planning team is made of all GIRLS! We love it. Our theme for this year is "AWAKEN the Passion." Our color palate is brown and pink. I have been emailing and phoning with this team all day. They love to use there gifts to honor Christ. They love being girls who are gitty over pink and brown lunch bags! I just don't think guys care what kind of bags their lunch comes in. But these high school girls will notice and they will love it!
  • I love my "chickas" (other wise known as girlfriends!) They ask how are you and mean it. They give me pats or emails or phone calls just to say .....glad your my friend. I just don't think guys do that on a regular basis. Someone has to die in order to get them in touch with their feelings.
  • I love my two girls. Rylee lied this morning. I busted her playing dolls in her room when she was suppose to be dressing for school. I asked her why she wasn't dressed and she said it was because she was "going number II." Okay I am not blind or stupid so unless she is a dog she is not "going number II" in her bedroom floor surrounded by her baby dolls. So, she finished getting ready and we cried together and she asked for forgiveness. I forgave her...then we hugged and cried together and all was well. I just don't think guys do that!
Okay I will declare it from this blog "GOD LOVES GIRLS!" All the kids are great. Brian is in meetings all day. (Yes Kim I know I am rambling on so I will stop!)


Vera Lu said...

What a special treat to hear a renewed, rested spirit in your comments today.

Julie said...

Dinelle and I went to Red Lobster and to the mall tonight. We stood around smelling candles in White Barn Candle Co. I bought scented bubble bath on sale which I intend to enjoy very much. Then we went back to her house and had a nice chat on the rug in front of her fireplace.
Yeah, guys don't do that.
Praise the Lord and pass the bath salt!!