Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Breath Check????

So for those of you who haven't heard my new year's resolution is to breathe more grace. I feel this will help me enjoy life more and extend the hand of fellowship in a renewed way. I am hard on people....I expect a lot from those around me and often I don't walk in grace or give it the way I should.
This morning I was thinking and reading and journaling some thoughts on paper. I realized as I was in a gripe session about myself that I maybe I need to breathe grace on myself too! You know when you check for bad breath and you breathe in your hand so you can smell it. I figure I need to check to see if I am breathing grace towards myself.
Man I am hard on myself. I feel unable, incapable, irresponsible, and stubborn. So, I really need the Ephesians's spirit today and everyday. The Holy Spirit empowers me to take away all the IN's and UN's of my life.
Ryder and Rylee are well and Regan is hanging in their you could pray for her back and her chest. They need it. She is curved and congested.

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Vera Lu said...

Your blog has become an extra daily devotion for me. As I read your comments, I was listening to Phillips, Craig and Dean "Restoration" CD. And this morning I'm excited to have the opportunity to be in a staff meeting that I normally miss because they are on Mondays. There will be a devotion and prayer attached. There are no excuses for me on this Tuesday. I'm equipped. Thanks!