Thursday, January 11, 2007

Communion with God

Last night Brian and I got in bed at 9:30p. We were so happy to be laying flat in our bed. He fell asleep fast. He had a long hard day so he was tired. I laid there listening to Regan breathe. Those of you who have children or you yourself suffer from breathing troubles you will understand. But for those of you who don't here is an explanation of what you have to do. People who think medicine is a science are crazy... it is an art. You have to rely on all of your senses to know where you are. Sometimes clinical diagnosis are more effective than simply test (for those of you who watch the TV show HOUSE you will know this well). We learned this from Diane (our neurologist assistant she is a pro at at stuff like this) she worked in ER for years before moving to neurology she taught us that we have to feel Regan's chest, look at Regan's eyes and the coloring of her skin. We should also look at her chest and listen closely to what the breathing sounds like. Even the Ryder and Rylee have picked up on some of it. When Regan coughs they will say "Good cough!" We have an machine that helps us know what the level of oxygen in her blood stream is. So, yesterday and last night she was doing poorly. All your senses told me this was not headed in a good direction. At midnight I got up after laying listening to her sleep and breathe but knowing I couldn't have a treatment until midnight. I put her on the oximider and it said 90%. So, I decided to let it go since she was resting and if in the morning it was not better put her on oxygen. I went to bed and meditated on the fact that God is in communion with God. He never leaves her, falls asleep, makes the wrong call, ignores, and knows the ins and outs of breathing perfectly (since it is his breathe anyway). When I woke up this morning I put the oximider on her and she was stating at 99%! Excellent care by the Great Physician. Tonight she is fussy again and He knows why even though we don't. Amen!

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